Your Success Partner

VINTAZK is an Outsourcing Company that is designed to plug into your business anytime, anywhere. We help businesses like yours to maximize cost reduction and drive more profit. We are highly flexible and are quick to respond to our clients’ needs. 

We value our people – it’s them that power us and our passion. With our company’s growth in focus and in sight, we primarily ensure your satisfaction. Your best interest is our utmost priority. At VINTAZK, we are beyond an outsource – we are one team towards growth. 

We are specialized in building unique digital experiences for our clients – from websites to special purpose applications. We also help businesses reach wider audiences through managed digital marketing. We help companies destroy network viruses and avoid future casualties.

Our Brand Story

“VINTAZK” came from the word Vinta – a traditional boat from the Philippine Island of Mindanao. Zamboanga City is known for its colorful vinta boats. The colorful sail is a representation of the City’s history and culture.

“TAZK” in the name refers to the word ‘task’. The difference is that the services we offer are tasks that are accomplished with the highest quality standard, targeted to meet the client’s expectations in the best possible and most efficient way.

Lastly, standing bold is the proud letter ”Z” in VINTAZK – representing the city of Zamboanga.

We present with great pride in our homegrown yet globally competitive talents who are brave risk takers, steadfast multi-taskers and technological innovators.

Together, we SAIL


Service orientation means that we prioritize our clients’ needs and satisfaction above all else. At Vintazk Outsourcing, service orientation is the core principle that underpins our approach to business. It’s a commitment that defines who we are and how we operate.


Accountability is the unwavering commitment of every team member to take ownership of their responsibilities and actions. At Vintazk Outsourcing, accountability is a fundamental principle that forms the cornerstone of our organizational culture and operations.


Integrity is a fundamental personal and moral trait characterized by honesty, ethical behavior, and a strong adherence to principles and values. At Vintazk Outsourcing, integrity is the bedrock of our corporate ethos and the moral compass that guides our actions and decisions.


Leadership at Vintazk Outsourcing is the art of guiding our organization toward its vision and goals by inspiring, empowering, and aligning our team members, while setting a strong example through integrity, vision, and strategic thinking.

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